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cyberlink powerdirector 2013 vs corel video studio pro x6 2013

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cyberlink powerdirector 2013


PowerDirector 11 Deluxe enables you to trim video clips. With this application, you can also add audio and still images. It provides tools to string your movies together, complete with professional transitions, effects and more. This software also has a strong online community of users who share techniques to help each other improve their filmmaking.


Although this software enables you to create complex movies, the amount of resources your computer has will influence how well the software works. You may experience crashes if you use large files and have many transitions and effects.

The Verdict
: 9.83/10

PowerDirector 11 enables you to create professional movies that combine many video and audio clips, special effects and transitions. To use the software to its fullest, you need to be sure that your computer exceeds the minimum system requirements.

PowerDirector 11 is compatible with almost every type of audio and video file format. Additionally, the application provides you with more audio and video tracks than you could reasonably use for any video editing project. There is always plenty of room for everything you want in your venture. Furthermore, CyberLink has expanded its already comprehensive camcorder support to include the latest and most innovative cameras and sound devices used by consumers of all skill levels.

This video editing software provides you with standard tools such as the ability to trim footage from the beginning and end of clips, as well as sections in the middle. You can also trim audio in the same way. The best part is that you can trim and adjust clips without worrying you'll lose your original content. PowerDirector saves your edits as another file, keeping your original files untouched and safe from unwanted editing.
With this movie editing software, you can crop, zoom in on a selected portion of a clip, play a selected clip in reverse, adjust the video speed, freeze a frame and even rotate a clip within the video. Adding picture-in-picture images is a snap. The ability to upscale standard-definition video content to HD quality is among our favorite features. You can also enhance image details, naturalize colors and automatically adjust chroma and luminance when you edit videos. You can remove annoying grain from film clips and stabilize shaky images in real time.
CyberLink PowerDirector offers transitions, titles and effects that make your videos look even more polished and professional. It's easy to add them on the timeline. All you have to do is drag and drop them.
You can edit audio, including the volume, pitch and playback speed. You can separate the audio from the video for greater flexibility and creative control. This version of PowerDirector offers a Beat Marker, which analyzes your audio content and places markers at prominent beat locations. This is hugely useful for timing transitions and applying other editing techniques. The auto-normalizer adjusts all audio files in the timeline so that the volume is consistent throughout the movie.
The Magic Fix function can remove shakiness from footage, remove red eye and enhance the focus of photos. The Magic Motion Designer allows you to pan and zoom within a scene. It helps you animate still photos. The Magic Cut feature automatically condenses long clips into shorter ones that contain only the highest quality footage. Magic Style gives you the ability to add pre-designed style templates for a professional look.
The workspace provides you with 200 video and audio tracks, which is probably far more than most people will use. However, it gives you the flexibility to create complex projects. We noticed, though, that the more tracks, transitions and special effects you use, the more it computer resources it requires to operate the application. When we were working with it on large projects, it crashed several times.
CyberLink PowerDirector combines software and hardware to optimize its performance for a significant speed boost. The newest version is 38 percent faster at rendering than the previous version of PowerDirector

CyberLink PowerDirector provides a drag-and-drop timeline, which allows you to reorder clips as well as add effects and transitions to make your movie look its best. It also only takes a click of your mouse to trim footage from the ends of your film, adjust volume levels and more. The menus and tools are clearly labeled and simple to learn.

 corel video studio pro x6 2013

You can create 3D movies with VideoStudio Pro X6. In addition to this, you can insert text, add effects such as time lapse and adjust the volume of all your audio clips.
This video editing software doesn't provide as many transitions, picture-in-picture objects or audio tracks as some of the other applications we reviewed. It also lacks a user forum, which is a help and support tool that most other products provide.
The Verdict
: 9.45/10
Corel VideoStudio Pro X6 is brimming with editing tools and capabilities. It also supports many common file formats for importing and exporting. With this movie editing software, you'll be able to create professional-looking movies.

Corel VideoStudio Pro X6 turns your everyday videos into fun movies with editing tools, effects and 3D capabilities. This video editing softwaresupports dozens of file formats, so you can grab video, audio and images from a variety of devices

The workspace for this video editing software provides two modes: storyboard and timeline. Storyboard shows an image for each clip, making it easy to quickly see an overview of all of the scenes you've included. The timeline provides detailed information such as audio tracks, transitions, special effects and text.
In the timeline view, you can trim and split clips so that only the portions you want stay in your movie. With VideoStudio Pro X6, you can also perform batch edits, which means you can edit multiple items at the same time. When you edit your video clips, you can do so with peace of mind because this video editing software saves the changes under another name so the original stays unedited.
VideoStudio Pro X6 enables you to adjust the volume, stretch the track duration, fade in or out, alter the sound with the surround sound mixer, adjust stereo channels and apply audio filters to them. When it comes to images, VideoStudio imports photos from a number of different formats to create a photo slideshow or customized menus. You can add a text overlay to any image.
Two tools that play with time and create fun effects are the stop-motion and time-lapse effects. The stop-motion feature on VideoStudio allows you to make animated movies with just a series of photographs. The time-lapse effect creates a unique effect from footage. The application removes a few of the frames and speeds up the video. This is a useful effect if you have video and want to show progression, such as a flower growing or the stars moving.
With Corel VideoStudio, you don't have to worry about your computer slowing down when you're editing movies in HD. Not only does this application use Smart Proxy technology, but also it incorporates technology from Nvidia, which improves the processing speed of the application. Having these options for HD and 3D editing makes a huge difference.

Importing Files
With Corel VideoStudio Pro X6, you can import videos from your hard drive and other devices. You can add audio files to your projects in a number of different ways. This includes adding audio files to the library from your hard drive, ripping music from a CD or recording a voiceover clip. VideoStudio Pro X6 enables you to create royalty-free songs with the audio clips in its library.
Exporting Files
Once your edits are complete, you can export your work to more than 15 formats. Standard formats include FLV files, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MP4, AVCHD, WMV HD, RealMedia, Windows Media and QuickTime. This video editing software gives you the option of exporting 2D into 3D. You also have the option to upload your work directly to Vimeo, Facebook, Flickr and YouTube.
When you create a disc, you can add a menu that lists chapter selections and even the contents of more than one video on the disc. Corel VideoStudio Pro X6 provides menu templates and allows you to create your own. VideoStudio can automatically identify scenes and create chapters for you. When you're ready to burn the movie, you can put it on a DVD, Video CD or Blu-ray Disc.

Not only are common editing tools easily accessible, but the workspace is also flexible. VideoStudio Pro works with dual monitors so you can rearrange the windows. This streamlined interface simplifies the workflow during the editing process. All the elements are neatly organized, making it simple to find the information you are looking for. The timeline makes it that much easier to apply transitions, titles and filters to the various tracks. We found Corel VideoStudio Pro X6's trim and multi-trim tools both powerful and easy to use. Additionally, having an application with good capture and playback is essential when working with videos. Corel VideoStudio Pro X6 uses cutting-edge technology, enabling you to work with standard definition and high definition alike.


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